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The objectives of the Liver Foundation


   Name and Logo of LIVER FOUNDATION Name in English

    Since the liver diseases have been a problem to the people around the world including Thailand, a group of expertise in the liver diseases led by Prof. Dr. Termchai Chainuvati had awareness in the issue and it was a start of the Liver Club of Thailand, which was founded on 4 th March, 1997 to give knowledge and advice to doctors and peoples. The club aims to arrange scientific activities, to advise doctors, other staff concerned, and people by arranging scientific conference, book, website ( ), the Liver Club Newsletter (4 issues per year), and the liver diseases brochures consecutively. After that, the number of patients and interested persons had increased and some of them lacked of money for the medical treatment. The founder of the Liver Club of Thailand, had considered the problem, therefore, the Liver Foundation was founded on 23 rd July, 2003 to give an opportunity to help the patients for the medical treatment and to provide knowledge of the liver diseases to people for maintaining good health without the liver diseases, especially the liver diseases of Virus B, Virus C, Cirrhosis, and Hepatocelllularcarcinoma (Liver Cancer). The Foundation has been supported and well cooperated by the members, the liver diseases patients, peoples, press, especially Ms. Wanida Chainuvati, who has supported both administrative works and activities including donations.

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